Taking in Spring

With spring comes a host of household projects and even moves.  Obviously the number of homes for sale in prior lake decreases over the winter because, let’s face it, winter in Minnesota sucks for anything moving related.

If you are getting your home ready for sale or just for the spring and summer seasons you may want to have some landscaping done.  This is a great opportunity to install a new paver patio living space or like we did at my house, a new fire pit.  Over the last couple of years we have had more fires at our home to enjoy the evenings in spring, summer and fall and finally decided we needed to improve ours.

We went from an above ground metal stand for the fireplace to a 2 foot deep 5 foot across mammoth of a pit.  We like to have a large fire to generate more heat and around the inside we have small boulders that get warm and give off additional radiant heat for those seated around the fire.

There is nothing I like more than enjoying a great cigar and my wife and kids at the fire.

Till next time.